Every patient who comes to the Colorado Spine Institute (CSI) in Loveland is unique, and the cause of their back pain is often unique as well. What works for one patient may not work for another, and our doctors and staff are committed to helping each person find the relief they need. There a number of ways back pain can be caused, and in this blog, we’re going to cover four of the most common. If you’re experiencing pain because of any of these, or for another reason, please come see us right away!

1. Screen Time

Today’s world is ultra-connected – through computers, tablets, phones, and more – and with people spending more time in front of the screen each day, the results can be back, neck, and shoulder pain. A person’s posture when browsing or texting is often slouched or hunched, and this can lead to a number of back problems. Taking breaks to stretch your neck and back (and to stand up) can potentially save you from serious spine problems in the future.

dreamstime_163053202. Weekend Activities

If you sit in an office all day in front of a computer, you could already be at risk for back pain (see #1 above). However, if you try to counteract that with engaging in strenuous activity on the weekends, such as a few rounds of golf or spending hours in the yard, you could cause injury to your spine. If you’re not active during the week, your body might not be ready for the strain on the weekend.

3. Stomach Sleeper

It might be the most comfortable position for you to sleep in, but snoozing on your stomach can put pressure on the vertebrae and ligaments in your back. If possible, trying sleeping on your side or your back, but if that fails, consider the type of mattress and pillow you’re using. You can also place a small pillow under your hips to alleviate the pressure. (See our blog on mattresses and back pain to learn more.)

4. Fashion Choices

What you wear can affect your spine health, especially when it comes to shoes and accessories. If you’re always wearing high heels to the office, or you don’t have athletic shoes with enough cushion and arch support, you could be causing yourself serious back problems. Switching the shoes you wear throughout the week can help. If you have heavy bag or purse that you carry on one shoulder all the time, consider switching to a bag that goes across your body so that the weight is distributed equally.

No one wants to deal with chronic back pain, and there are steps that can be taken to avoid it. If you have pain because of these four reasons, or any others, please make an appointment with us today. We will thoroughly examine your spine and help you understand what is going on with your body. We’ll discuss your treatment options and help you decide what will be the best choice for relieving your pain.

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