The term “weekend warrior” may be one that you’ve heard before, and you may even identify as one yourself. The term can refer to those who lead busy work lives during the week, and therefore only enjoy other activities on the weekends. It can also mean those people who spend each weekend training for a 10K, a mountain bike event, or another sporting activity. Regardless of what you spend your weekends doing, it’s important that back pain doesn’t slow you down. Lacing up those running shoes or climbing the saddle of your bike can be tough if your back is hurting you. At the Colorado Spine Institute (CSI) in Loveland, we want to make sure you can keep doing the things you love, even if it is only two days a week.

Balanced Activity

Colorado is one of, if not the most, active states in the country, and it’s common to see people out on the roads and trails, even during the coldest months of the year. These people may be weekend warriors, or they may be participating in some activity every day, and if you have a goal of finishing your first road race or trail event, you may have plans to get in as much activity as you can on the weekends. While this is a noble goal, it’s important to know what your body can take and balance your activity level accordingly. Going all out on Saturday might leave you with an aching back come Monday, which can negatively affect your productivity at the office during the week.

Letting Injuries Heal

Those who spend each weekend on the bike path or in the mountains are just as prone to injury as those who work out during the week. An unfortunate crash or slip from a boulder can lead to a herniated disc, a pinched nerve, or another back problem. While you may only have time on the weekends to exercise or explore, it’s important to let your injuries heal so you don’t exacerbate any lingering issues. The expert team at CSI can properly diagnose your injuries and provide effective treatment so that you can get back to running, cycling, or whichever activity you love to do.

It is our mission to help patients get the care they need for their back pain, whether they’re weekend warriors or just getting back into exercising. We want to help alleviate your pain so you don’t have to worry about a thing while you’re enjoying a Saturday hike or getting in that last mile on Sunday.

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