Chronic lower back pain can keep you from doing the things you enjoy, such as hiking or golfing, as well as interrupt your work day, which can negatively affect your productivity at the office. At the Colorado Spine Institute in Loveland, we want to help you overcome your back pain, and with our treatment, you will have a better chance of doing the things you love and getting through the work day without severe pain and discomfort.

We offer a number of treatments and services, including vertebroplasty, regenerative therapy, and epidural injections. Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure, used for stabilizing compression fractures of the spine. If you were involved in a car accident and suffered a back injury, vertebroplasty might be the solution to your pain. Our regenerative therapy uses stem cell injections to help the body heal itself from the inside, and our programs and procedures are designed to provide optimal results. Epidural injections place cortisone around the spinal cord, and can be effective at providing both short-term and long-term pain relief. We also offer discograms and MRI scans, which will we talk about in our next post.

If you’re constantly battling lower back pain, please come see us right away. We’re located very close to I-25 in Loveland, and you can visit our clinic or call us at (970) 342-2220 to schedule your initial consultation. Once we’ve determined the source of your pain, we’ll devise the best treatment plan for you. Don’t let back pain rule your life – contact us today.