Being hurt on the job is always a serious matter, and dealing with worker’s compensation, being unable to work, and providing for one’s family takes up a considerable amount of time and energy. However, with any injury, treating the person’s pain should be first and foremost, and if the injury was to the back or spine, proper care is of the utmost importance. At Colorado Spine Institute in Loveland, we’ve helped many people who were injured on the job get back to work.

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss the circumstances surrounding your injury. Did you fall from height, or did a heavy object strike you in the back? Is your back pain stemming from overexertion, such as lifting heavy materials without proper support? Once we understand the cause of your injury, we’ll be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment to remedy your pain. It might be necessary to conduct an MRI to see the full extent of the damage to tissue or bone, and understand what will be effective in treating your injury.

If you were involved in an on-the-job accident that left you unable to work, make an appointment with our Loveland office today. Not until your pain is treated and your injury is healed will you be able to properly focus on getting back to work and providing for your family. We’ll do whatever we can to alleviate the pain and stress surrounding your injury, and our doctors and staff will listen to your concerns and answer your questions regarding back pain, recovery time, and any lasting damage from your injury.