A few months ago, we wrote about binge-watching your favorite TV shows and what that can do to your back. Now that the colder weather is on its way and you might be planning to spend some more time inside watching TV and movies, we thought it important to encourage you to think about your furniture and how it can help or hurt your back. At the Colorado Spine Institute in Loveland, we want every patient to find the relief they need, whether it’s through therapy, medication, surgery, or another method of treatment. In this post, we’ll look at some types of furniture and how they can contribute or take away from your spinal health.

The Couch

An overstuffed couch can be a comfy place to sit, at least for a little while. If you sit too far back with your feet and legs sticking out unsupported, you could be putting stress on the muscles and joints in your knees and in the backs of your legs. It’s better to sit all the way back on the couch than to hunch forward on the edge, but make sure you have support for your feet, such as in the form of an ottoman or a stool.

The Recliner

This piece of furniture might be reserved for Sunday game days, and it can be a very comfortable place to sit. Recliners often have built-in foot support, and they also offer head and neck support, which some couches do not. The adjustable back also allows you to position your spine at the proper angle, but you’ll want to be sure you’re not reclined too far so that you have to hold your head forward to see the screen.

The Lounge Chair

Those who have lived in a college dorm have likely seen the “moon” chair or the lounge chair. These pieces offer a built-in reclining angle that can make them comfy, but sit in them for too long, and you could stand up with a stiff back (or not be able to stand up at all). As with the couch, putting a footstool or ottoman that’s level with the chair will give your legs and feet the support they need. You’ll also want to see how the angle of the chair feels, and if it’s too extreme, it might not be best for TV watching.

Stay Mobile

We’ve noted it before, but any time you sit for a long time, you run the risk of exacerbating existing back pain, or you may cause a new issue to arise. For every hour you sit, get up and move around for five to ten minutes. This will give your muscles and joints a chance to stretch and move, and you can avoid certain problems by staying mobile. We know that the cool, crisp weather of fall can entice you to stay inside and catch up on your favorite shows, but it’s important to be aware of what your body is telling you.

If you’ve been experiencing chronic back pain for some time now, make an appointment with our clinic in Loveland today. We can discuss what type of furniture you sit on most often, and how it could be affecting your spine. We’ll talk about your daily habits, such as how much activity you get and how long you sit each day. Above all, we want to find the solution to your back pain so that you can be free from worry, whether you’re out walking the dog or sitting down to watch a new movie with the family.

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