dreamstime_xxl_7304414With the holidays quickly approaching, you might be looking forward to boarding a plane to go see your children, grandchildren, or other relatives. Flying is the fastest way to get from one side of the country to the other, and if you have plans to fly from Denver to Miami, New York, or another faraway destination, it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re stuck in a seat for hours on end. If you suffer from chronic back pain, your trip could be very uncomfortable, but at the Colorado Spine Institute in Loveland, we can provide effective treatment to prepare you for air travel. We can also provide you with some tips on managing your pain while you’re in the air.

Tips for Flying with Pain

#1. Talk to the Airline

If you know that you’re going to have trouble walking down the jetway or boarding on your own, make sure to talk to the airline before your flight. They will be able to arrange wheelchair transport for you as you get on and off the plane, and you may also get lucky and be upgraded to a business or first class seat!

#2. Support Your Back

Sitting in an uncomfortable airplane seat can exacerbate your back pain, but with proper support, you should be able to sit up and keep your pain from becoming too unbearable. A pillow from a flight attendant or a tube-shaped pillow you find at an airport shop should suffice to keep your back from hurting too much. Proper posture can help immensely when sitting for a long time.

#3. Get Up and Move Around

Stiffness can sometimes be worse than pain, and it’s important (if there’s room) to get up and move around during the flight. This is especially true on international flights, where you might be in the air for 10 hours or more. Remaining in your seat can cause your spine to stiffen and limit your range of motion, so talking a walk around the cabin every few hours can keep pain and soreness at bay.

If you’re planning a flight for the holidays, and are worried about your chronic back pain getting in the way, please contact our office in Loveland today. We will examine your spine to see what’s causing the pain, provide a proper diagnosis, and recommend the necessary treatment or medication to keep your pain to a minimum. With our expert treatment and the right planning, you can enjoy your plane trip, as well as your time with friends and family.

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