Lower back pain brings thousands of people to the doctor each year, and while they can find relief through treatment and medication, it’s important to know how to manage their pain between visits. At the Colorado Spine Institute in Loveland, we work hard to help every patient find the relief they need, and help them discover habits and exercises that can provide relief when they’re not in our office. If you’re suffering from severe back pain, it’s imperative to seek medical advice and learn how you can live a healthier life, even if you have to make regular visits to the doctor.

Understanding Your Pain

Before you can learn to manage your pain, it can be beneficial to understand what’s causing the discomfort. There are two main categories of back pain: mechanical and neurogenic. Our doctors can help you understand the difference between the two, and we’ve included a short description of each below.

Mechanical Pain

This pain category is fairly self-explanatory, as the discomfort is caused by normal wear and tear or aging. If the discs in your spine begin to degenerate or deteriorate, chances are you’re going to experience some pain. If you overdo it during a workout or twist your back while lifting something, the wear and tear can be exponentially increase, as can your pain.

Neurogenic Painnerves

This category refers to the pain brought on by nerve injury. If a nerve in the spinal column is pinched or compressed because of a herniated or bulging disc, you may experience pain and numbness in your back, buttocks, or legs. This nerve interference can lead to a number of problems, and should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

What You Can Do to Manage Your Pain

Our goal is to help you discover what you can at home or during breaks at work to manage your pain. Being aware of your posture while sitting at your desk, or wearing proper back support while standing or working can provide some relief. There are also some stretches and basic yoga poses you can perform to relieve your back pain, and we can walk you through those that will be easy for you to do. The last thing we want is for you to further injure yourself trying to perform an unfamiliar exercise. With the right technique and just a few minutes each day, you can help strengthen the muscles in your back, and when paired with proper spine treatment, overcome your lower back pain.

If you’re struggling to make it through each day because of severe pain, don’t let discomfort rule your life any longer. With help from the Colorado Spine Institute, plus things you can do on your own, you’ll hopefully be able to enjoy the things you once did, such as hiking, biking, and other sports popular in the Centennial State. We’ll devise an approach that takes into account your current health status, age, and extent of injury.

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