A few months ago, we covered some common back pain myths that some believe, and they bring that belief with them to their doctor’s office. At the Colorado Spine Institute (CSI) in Loveland, we understand that you want to know what’s going on with your back, and you may believe that something is going on with your spine, when in fact, something else entirely is the cause of your chronic pain. In this blog, we’ll look at some more back pain myths and what you can do when you experience discomfort.

1. Pain When I’m Young Will Get Worse As I Get Older

There are many instances where people between 25 and 35 years of age experience back pain, but that doesn’t mean their pain will get worse as they get older. The cause of their pain may be due to a disc problem or an injury, but with proper treatment, they can overcome the pain and live a healthier, happier life. Those who experience degenerative disc disease (DDD) before the age of 55 may fear that they’ll have chronic pain for the rest of their lives, but many instances of DDD aren’t accompanied by pain.

2. I Need Surgery to Correct My Back Pain

While traditional back surgery has helped many people, it’s not the only treatment option out there. Your friend may have received spinal fusion or had surgery to repair a herniated disc, but that doesn’t mean you have to go down the same route. There are many orthopedic and regenerative treatment options that can help with your pain and keep you off the operating table. Options such as vertebroplasty and epidural injections can relieve your pain and help you avoid the recovery time associated with surgery.

3. Stretching and Massage Will Help

Regular stretching and periodic massages can be great for your back, but you’ll want to be sure that they’ll be beneficial and not detrimental to your condition. If you’ve suffered a disc injury, stretching can cause more pain, and massage can exacerbate a problem instead of helping it. Our spine experts can help you understand your pain, and recommend whether or not stretches and massages will be good for your back.

At CSI, our goal is to provide the very best orthopedic care for those suffering from chronic back pain and spinal conditions. We know that it can be easy to believe certain myths and that your pain will never go away, but we’ll do whatever we can to provide the treatment you need. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or someone who works in an office every day, we’ll treat you with the same respect and dignity.

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