If you live in Colorado, chances are you love to ski or snowboard. When that first fresh snow of the season falls, you’re one of the first people in your car and on your way to the slopes. While it can be an extremely fun outdoor sport, skiing can lead to back pain and injuries that cause limited mobility, and all it takes is one bad fall to ruin your weekend. At the Colorado Spine Institute in Loveland, we’ve helped patients who have fallen on the slopes and worked hard to relieve their severe back pain. If you want to get in a few more runs this winter, but are being slowed down by pain, please come see us right away.


Common Skiing Injuries and Their Causes

Obviously taking a bad spill on the mountain can lead to a number of injuries, and observing safe practices and wearing the proper equipment can save you from a lot of pain. If you’ve never been skiing or snowboarding before, it can be beneficial to attend the beginner’s ski school and learn how to stop, start, and safely navigate the mountain. However, even with proper training, you can still hurt or tweak your back on the slopes. Falling while skiing can cause your spine to twist, which can create damage to the vertebrae and the soft tissue connected to the vertebrae. When you’re upright on your skis, the body’s core is responsible for keeping you upright, and if you’re not used to that strain, it can lead to lower back pain. Even something as simple as carrying your equipment can cause pain and discomfort!

If you’re an experienced skier, you probably enjoy the harder slopes such as the black diamonds and the mogul courses. These runs provide a bit more of a challenge, but they can also provide a greater risk for injury. Bumpy terrain that causes constant jarring can can damage to the spine, and it’s important to have proper form throughout your run. If you’re worried that you’re about to fall, overcorrecting can also lead to injury, so learning how to fall properly on a challenging course can save your spine from damage.

Preventing Injury

One of the best ways to prevent injury while skiing or snowboarding is to prepare your body before you head to the mountains. Proper exercise that strengthens your core can help your body handle the strain skiing can put on it. Muscles that aren’t ready for physical strain are more likely to let you down when you need them, and if you fall incorrectly, you could be unable to ski for some time. If you do hurt yourself, our spine specialists can provide proper treatment and recommend proper exercise to help you recover.

If you’re suffering from back pain because of a skiing injury, make an appointment with the Colorado Spine Institute today. We know that Coloradans love to hit the slopes once the snow falls, and January and February can be prime months for optimal skiing. Make an appointment online or visit our clinic today for expert treatment.