Understanding the spine may seem like quite the challenge, and at the Colorado Spine Institute (CSI) in Loveland, we do our very best to help each patient comprehend exactly what’s going on inside his or her body. We know that it can be scary to think about degenerative disc disease or spinal stenosis, and our goal is to properly diagnose your condition and find the right treatment for your spine. In this post, we’ll look at some of the more common questions regarding the spine that we are asked on a regular basis.

1. How Did I Herniate a Disc?

Some people think that herniated discs only occur following an accident or another form of trauma that affects the spine. While this can be true, herniation can also occur from a series of minor injuries or repetitive motion that weakens the stability of the disc. Some patients are surprised to learn that their back pain is being caused by a herniated disc, but once we discuss what activities they have been doing, their condition makes more sense to them.

2. Does Smoking Cause Spine Problems?

There are a number of things people do that have an effect on their spine, from how they sit to the mattress they sleep on every night. If you are a smoker, you could be putting yourself at greater risk for disc degeneration. Smoking can affect the blood vessels in the body, which in turn affects blood pressure, which then affects the oxygen and nutrients that are delivered to the tissues throughout the body. A poor blood supply can have a detrimental effect on your spine, and we can help you understand how smoking is impacting your body.

3. What Are My Non-Surgical Options?

Those who are living with a spinal condition may think that surgery is the only option and one they’ll have to face sooner or later. While this can be true in some cases, there are instances where non-surgical options are available. Support devices such as braces can help you experience less pain by limiting your mobility, and certain exercises or physical therapy can strengthen the muscles around your spine. At CSI, we’ve also discussed regenerative spine therapy with patients, which uses stem cells to correct certain conditions. If that’s something you’re interested in, we’d be more than happy to talk with you about it.

There are dozens of other questions that people ask regarding the spine, and our team is always prepared to answer those questions, or if we don’t know it, search until we find the answer. Our number one priority is always the patient, and when you visit our clinic, you will be treated with respect and dignity. We will be honest about what we find during your examination and always ensure that you remain informed during the entire process. After all, it is your body, and the choice is ultimately up to you on how it is to be treated.

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