Any type of pain in your neck or back can have an impact on your daily life, and if you’re unsure what’s causing the pain, you may simply attribute it to a “pinched” nerve. While this may be the case, it’s important to have a certified medical specialist examine your neck or spine to determine if a nerve is really the cause of your pain. If it is, it’s important that you receive proper treatment so that your pain can subside and you can return to doing the things you love. At the Colorado Spine Institute (CSI) in Loveland, we can treat your spinal conditions, including a pinched nerve.

What Causes a Pinched Nerve?

There can be several reasons why a nerve becomes pinched. A herniated disc in your spine can push on a nerve, causing pain in your back and lower body. An inflamed muscle from overexertion can also push on a nerve, creating pain that affects your normal routine. Repetitive motion can lead to pinching as well, as can weight gain or water retention. If you have bone spurs in your spine, such as those formed by osteoarthritis, you could be at higher risk for pinched nerves.

Lasting Nerve Damage

If it’s determined that you are suffering from a pinched nerve, it’s important to have it treated as soon as possible. In some instances, the swelling or inflammation will go down, relieving the pressure on the nerve. Once the pressure is gone, the nerve should return to its normal function. If the pressure is consistent for a long period of time, not only will the pain possibly increase, there could be lasting damage to the nerve. In those instances, surgery or injections may be necessary to relieve the pressure and avoid long-term nerve damage.

Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

In order to locate the pinched nerve, it may be necessary for the patient to undergo an MRI scan. This will provide the doctor with images of your spine and display what is causing the nerve to be pinched. Once located, the doctor will be able to diagnose the cause and recommend the best treatment for relieving your pain. Physical therapy, medications, and surgery are all options, and at CSI, we can help you decide if one or a combination of the three will be the best approach. Our goal is to find the most direct way to relieve your pain and help you get back to living a normal life.

If you’re concerned that you’re suffering from a pinched nerve in your neck or back, please make an appointment with our clinic right away. We don’t want you to have to live with chronic pain any longer than necessary, and if we can find way to treat your pinched nerve, we will. Our experienced staff will do whatever they can to ensure that you are comfortable during your appointment, and that you are up-to-date on your condition, your diagnosis, and your treatment options.

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