If you’re suffering from degenerative disc disease (DDD), you may think that you’ll have to live with pain for the rest of your life. Surgery might be an option, but the recovery time could be lengthy, and you may not like the idea of going under the knife. At the Colorado Spine Institute in Loveland, our doctors can help you decide if stem cell therapy is a better option for your degenerated vertebrae, and save your from a lifetime of discomfort. If regenerative therapy is something that interests you, please contact us right away.

stemcelltherapy_blog_innerimagePinpointing the Pain

When dealing with DDD, it may feel like your entire spine is affected, when in fact it’s only one or two vertebrae. Depending on the location of the disc, you could be experiencing mild to severe neck or back pain, and our staff will conduct a thorough examination to pinpoint the source of the problem. A stem cell injection may help the disc heal itself, which can reduce inflammation, relieve pressure, and lower your pain levels. Spinal stem cell treatment can be effective in treating DDD in the cervical and lumbar spine, and our doctors will be able to determine if an injection is a viable option for you.

Shortening Recovery Time

Traditional orthopedic surgery on the spine can leave you with limited mobility for a few months, and you may need to miss work for an extended period of time. In the past, removing the affected disc and replacing it with an artificial one was often the only choice, or a patient could have their vertebrae fused together to relieve their pain. With breakthroughs in regenerative spinal medicine, recovery times can be greatly reduced, and you could be up and moving normally within a few weeks. Your recovery time will of course vary based on the extent of the DDD in your spine and the level of treatment you receive.

It’s important to keep in mind that not every patient with back or neck pain will be a prime candidate for stem cell therapy. After an initial consultation and exam at our clinic, we will discuss with you whether or not regenerative treatments are a good option. While stem cells can benefit those with DDD, they’re not a good option for those with severe spinal stenosis, scoliosis, or other spinal conditions. If it’s determined that stem cells are a suitable option, we’ll help you decide on the best time for the procedure. We’ll also explain how you can prepare for the treatment, what to do on the day of the procedure, and what kind of recovery time you can expect. Above all, we never want you to feel uninformed about what’s going on with your spine or how we’re going to treat your pain.

To learn more about our regenerative stem cell treatments, or to schedule an examination of your spine, please contact us today. We’re proud to serve the citizens of Northern Colorado, and want to help each patient find the relief they need from DDD and other conditions.

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