1. Very Compassionate

    The staff answered all my questions thoroughly. They were very compassionate to my pain.…Read More

    79 Year Old Female
  2. Much easier and nicer than a hospital

    The staff was so nice, very understanding of the pain I was in. This was much easier and nicer being done here than in a hospital setting.…Read More

    72 Year Old Male
  3. Such Amazing People

    My pain level was a 7 before the surgery, then within a week my pain level was down to a 0. Such amazing people.…Read More

    85 Year Old Female
  4. Wonderful Experience

    My overall experience was wonderful. I would recommend Dr. Donner to anyone with back pain. He was an excellent doctor.…Read More

    72 Year Old Female
  5. So Pleasant

    The staff was so pleasant, very informed and made me feel very good.…Read More

    75 Year Old Female