About Colorado Spine Institute

Our Mission

The drive of the Colorado Spine Institute in Loveland is to deliver the highest level of care as well as treat orthopedic disorders using the most advanced technology available. Whether you’re an extraordinary athlete or an extraordinary person, we want to assist in your journey to help alleviate pain and return to the activity and life you deserve. Our success with innovative new procedures and unsurpassed care is what brings patients from all over the world and all walks of life.


  • Spine and Neck conditions – Injury, Fracture, Degeneration
  • SI Joint Dysfunction
  • Regenerative Treatments for all orthopedic conditions


The Colorado Spine Institute offers the most advanced technologies and innovative new techniques available to orthopedics. With over 25 years of experience, CSI has the ability to diagnose and treat all aspects of the spine. When you become a patient, you are joining a family who will work with you through every step of care and rehabilitation. As a new patient, we are determined to offer you the best treatment with the least invasive techniques. Diagnosis is established through in-house X-Ray and MRI, with advanced testing available. With our on-site surgical suite, we are able to provide epidural steroid injections, diagnostic outpatient services, and more.

When surgery is necessary, the Colorado Spine Institute has a state-of-the-art surgery center that is specialized for surgical correction of the spine. The surgery center has the highest trained nurses and physicians who care for you throughout your stay. As you recover, our number one concern is your care. We work with the best rehabilitation specialists, and with 25 years in northern Colorado, we have developed relationships and partnerships that will get you back to the life you want.

About Elite Regenerative Stem Cell Institute

The Elite Regenerative Stem Cell Institute was created to provide stem cell therapy to patients with certain orthopedic injuries as an alternative treatment option to surgery.

While orthopedic surgery remains the most effective treatment for some injuries, it can come with potential complications. With adult stem cell therapy, the goal is to help your body heal itself without using surgery. Stem cells exist naturally within the body with their function being to provide healing in the event of injury.

Autologous stem cell therapy is performed in our on-site surgical suite where an experienced orthopedic surgeon uses live X-ray to remove stem cells from a high-concentrated area (the iliac wing of the pelvis) and inject those regenerative cells into the injured or painful joint or area. The goal of this procedure is to boost your body’s healing process, increasing cellular communication and providing support cells to heal where the normal process would otherwise be unable to. This procedure takes approximately 45 minutes.


If you’re interested in learning more about us or the services we offer, please contact us right away.