Bulging Disc


It is common for people to think a bulging disc is the same as a herniated disc, but in fact there is a difference between the two. The specialists at Colorado Spine Institute understand that difference and, when examining a patient, can determine through X-ray, MRI, or other imaging whether the issue is a bulging or herniated disc. Once this is determined, proper treatment and therapy can be prescribed.


What is a bulging disc?

With a herniated disc, a portion of the softer center of the disc pushes out through a rupture in the exterior, putting pressure on the nerves in the spine. With a bulging disc, the disc occupies a larger space than it should in the vertebral column and the exterior is often bigger than normal. There is no rupture in the disc and a patient may not experience any pain from the disc’s expansion. However, there are cases when lower back pain, numbness, and stiffness can occur. In those instances, it is important for a person to seek medical advice from a certified spine doctor.

If you’re having trouble completing everyday tasks such as getting dressed, lifting objects of normal weight, or driving to work because of back pain, it’s possible you have a bulging disc. The specialists at Colorado Spine Institute in Johnstown will thoroughly examine your back, use medical imaging to look at the interior of your spine, and take the appropriate steps to relieve your pain. We want you to live the life you want, enjoying the activities you love.

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