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I am a recent patient of Dr. Donners and staff and I can tell you that they are all extremely caring and professional. I broke my Coccyx (tailbone) at least 19 years ago snowboarding and really did not know it until a few years ago. I wondered why I never choose to sit on a wooden seat and why riding a bike hurt after a few minutes along with numerous other reasons to not sit down for very long.

Getting a tailbone removed is a rare surgery, but I am so very glad that Dr. Donner made it happen. I am 7 weeks out and I feel great and could sit with breaks as a vendor ( I was there two days) at a fair recently. Again, the staff are so friendly, caring, the office is lovely, and Dr. Donner is so knowledgeable and caring and I know he wants the best outcome for me and other patients!

Highly recommend this practice!

Andrea L

Oh boy where do I begin? First of all the office is so clean and beautiful when you walk in. The staff is so kind and polite. Dr Chris sat down with us for a long time and let us know what we should do next. He informed us of things we have never known. His knowledge and professionalism definitely lets you know that you are finally in the right place. I am so thankful that I found a doctor who knows what I’ve been going through for so long. Thanks to everyone there for everything.

Ed O.

I have been experiencing excruciating lower back pain for about 2 weeks. The pain grew until it prevented me from being able to do anything: standing, sitting, rising, and even laying down. I was convinced that I would have to have another surgery. Dr. Donner took many x-ray angles. This provided proof that my lower back surgery was well intact. I suspect that Dr. Donner knew that from his examination, but wanted me to feel completely comfortable with his prognosis. I am always at ease when discussing my back & neck issues with any of his staff and himself. After questioning me and listening to my concerns, Dr. Donner determined that I needed an anti-inflammatory course of action. My pain is significantly lessened. After 5 days of this, if I am still in pain, he has already described other courses we will explore. I am well taken care of in the care of Dr. Jeffrey Donner.

Pamela P.

We are grateful for our experience with the Colorado Spine Institute and its staff, and would highly recommend them to anyone. Dr. Donner and P.A. Kris were very knowledgeable regarding our son’s L5 Pars defect and they were willing to help, after we had spent four frustrating years with doctors from Kaiser and Children’s Hospital trying different strategies to resolve his back pain. From Kris’s optimism during our initial visit, throughout the process, they provided our son with the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ that he (and we) had desperately been seeking. Once my son made the decision to have the surgery, they scheduled it within two weeks. In terms of billing, we were a self-pay and they demonstrated a willingness to work with us financially. It is clear that the staff of Colorado Spine Institute truly cares about their patients.

Sandy K.

I’ve know Dr. Donner since 1991. He has been a good doctor for me. Now in my 70’s my back problems are changing. At my age and health history surgery is not an option for me.
I needed to tell him I wanted a new way to treat my condition. Being a surgeon I’m pretty sure he was hoping for an approval from me to have the surgery done. Not by him but another physician. I opted out and after explaining why he agreed with my decision.
Now he’s treating me in my senior years and hopefully going to pursue the course I’ve decided best for me.
I will say he is an excellent surgeon. He’s always been willing to see me and help me out. I feel extremely fortunate to have him on my team. The only problem I’ve ever had with him is he’s a low “talker” and I’ve been hearing impaired since birth. But when I ask him to speak up he’s always gladly complied.
Thank you Dr. Donner and the Spine Institute.

Cyndy T.

I was debilitated until I went to The Spine Institute. Now I can say that I am on the road to recovery. Thank you for your gracious care of me, and taking the extra time and going the extra mile. It means the world to this busy mother. This level of concern and care is hard to come by in the medical world. Many thanks to the caring team at The Spine Institute!

Hillary L.

I have been experiencing back issues for about 4-5 years. I fortunately found Dr. Donner and the staff at Colorado Spine Institute. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient friendly. I personally recommend Dr. Donner and staff for your neck and back needs.

David S.

Staff made me very comfortable when I arrived. Dr. Donner and medical staff were informative and very thourough and patient answering my questions. Made me feel that I came to the right place.

Christel J.

Dr. Donner, his PA Chris & the ENTIRE staff are friendly, professional & knowledgeable. Chris is one of the smartest medical professionals I’ve encountered. His knowledge of the spine as well as Fibromyalgia is truly amazing! I’ve received 5 star treatment since going there. I highly recommend checking it out if you suffer from back pain.

Amy M.

Chris was kind and patient and very informative! I was so encouraged after he took so much time with me! I left the visit with hope that something could be done for my pain! I highly recommend this clinic. It was worth the drive from Casper Wy.

Mary B.

I have been seeing Kris at this office every month for a couple years now. I have a back injury from an accident I was in. He has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve never felt rushed, never felt like I was a burden. Nothing. He has ALWAYS taken his time and explained everything to me. He’s always answered all of my questions. He’s never treated me like I was just another person to get in and out of there. I 100% trust his judgement and recommendations for my care. He is truly awesome!!

Jackie S.

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