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Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis is not actually a disease but the term used to describe any abnormal curvature of the spine. A normal spine should form a straight line, but someone with scoliosis will have a bend or curve in their spine, which can cause mild to severe pain. Scoliosis affects people of all ages and most often occurs during the growth spurt a person experiences just before puberty. If a child is born with congenital scoliosis, the spine deformity could become more severe and painful as he or she grows. At The Colorado Spine Institute in Johnstown, we can provide expert treatment for any type or stage of scoliosis.

doctor pointing at model of spine

Three Types of Scoliosis

There are three types of scoliosis:

  • Levoscoliosis: Where the spine curves to the left in a single bend (forming a letter C shape when viewed from the back)
  • Dextroscoliosis: Where the spine curves to the right in a single bend (a backwards letter C
  • Scoliosis: Where the spine has two curves (forming a letter S shape)

In people with any of the three, indicators can be unevenness in shoulder height, hips, and other areas of the body. People may also lean to one side when they stand or walk.

Scoliosis Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms can range from mild to severe back pain as well as muscle spasms. If a person has lived with scoliosis for most of their life, they may compensate by carrying more weight on one side of their body when they walk, which can cause other problems. Treatment can involve a back brace and physical therapy. In some cases, bone grafting or spinal fusion is necessary. As your spine specialist, we will help you determine what course of treatment is best for your scoliosis.

If you would like to learn more about treatment options or have questions about scoliosis, please contact us right away.

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